Conversations on Burnout

Conversations on Burnout

Hazel Anderson-Turner, a Business Psychologist and Resilience Coach is joined in conversation by other coaches who specialise in different areas related to the prevention of burnout

Webinar 1: Being Human

Webinar 2: Leading through Burnout

Webinar 3: How Emotional Intelligence Can Help

Webinar 4: A Neurodiverse Perspective

Webinar 5: Menopause Resilience

Hazel has now delivered two burnout series for NHS and Primary Care colleagues, all of which can be watched by clicking the ‘recordings and slides’ tab on this page.

Hazel and her team have been supporting Solent NHS Trust with resilience coaching through the pandemic, working with over 200 staff, giving them valuable insight into the challenges being faced in the sector.

Hazel herself experienced burnout before starting her own business, so can both relate to those experiencing the symptoms of burnout and give personal as well as theoretic insight into the practices that supported her.

In each session we will be exploring both preventing burnout for yourself, and for the people you work with and lead. Within each session there will be a presentation and discussion from the presenters and then an
opportunity to pose questions and have a more informal discussion about the topic.

The recorded webinars can be watched in any order, but we recommend you start with Webinar 1 where we will be discussing the fundamentals of burnout.

People have different learning styles, so the experience uses a variety of methods to engage with and meet the needs of all participants. In this work, participants, learn through their own experience and the experience of others.

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