It’s time to talk about men’s health

This Spring, colleagues across NHS and Primary Care in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight can hear from a leading voice in menopause and men’s health – the psychologist and wellbeing coach Lee Chambers.

Lee ran a Men’s Mental Wellbeing session for us on 27 March and has two further sessions coming up. These are Male Allyship and Inclusion on 24 April from 1-2pm, and Men and Menopause on 12 June from 1-2pm.

Over the past decade Lee has built a reputation as a figurehead for menopause allyship and advocacy, something he speaks passionately about on the world stage. His experiences from time as a stay-at-home father and from hearing multiple women’s stories about their struggles with menopause in the workplace have shaped this. He believes it’s key to involve men in engaging with women’s experiences and helping create a menopause-friendly workplace. He highlights the crucial role that male allies can have in creating a culture of inclusivity.

Lee says: “People always wonder why I’m so passionate about menopause and gender equity, and the reality is that it just makes sense. I have a strong desire for social justice, and when you consider the stories I’ve heard, the people I’ve met and the lack of support from all angles in society, I’d be selfish not to use my male privilege to make a positive impact and improve people lives. The biggest takeaway from my journey so far is that while menopause impacts everyone differently, nobody wants the world turning upside down or to be saved; they just want consideration and a little support, and that is something we all have a responsibility to cultivate.”

He adds: “I will know when I’ve made a difference when we get a number of high-profile men with large platforms sharing their experiences openly and vulnerably.”

Join us for our next session
Register here for your free place on ‘Male Allyship and Inclusion’, Mon 24 April from 1-2pm, and/or ‘Men and Menopause, Mon 12 June 1-2pm . You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Lee’s first session with us, ‘Men’s Mental Wellbeing’ ran on 27 March and is available here to watch.

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