Jacqueline Holt

About me…

My name is Jacqueline Holt and I am the Administrator for the brand new staff advice service EDNA – my role involves supporting the advisors in any way I can, from monitoring inboxes, calendars, referrals and bookings to sending letters out to staff following their consultations.

What helps me relax and refocus

When I can my husband and carer as I am disabled is going for short walks in National Trust properties and Exbury Gardens as this helps us to relax and put the stresses of work behind us, he is also an NHS staff member working in the Emergency Department.

My best health /wellbeing discovery is…

My best wellbeing discovery was getting a therapy cat, I didn’t know it was possible, and using sleep programmes as now I sleep so much better as I do suffer from mental health issues.

Health/wellbeing goals I’m working on

My health goals are simply to continue to work and walk and even get out of bed or go out due to the deterioration in both my physical and mental health this can be a hard goal but I aim for it every single day.

Do you have a health/wellbeing story or experience to share? If so, can you tell us a little bit about

My own experience of health and wellbeing is to go out, put away my mobile phone and walk somewhere like a wood, a park, the common or by the sea and look around, listen to the world around you, I found this is my only way to calm my anxiety, pick my mood up and become ME again. The me my children and grandchildren love, it gives me renewed energy to face the day or week coming.

I have always tried to get up, make my bed and clean my teeth, this can be a real struggle some days but I make myself do those two things every day so my day is normal and I can start to face what is coming, if you don’t do simple little things like making your bed, cleaning your teeth you can end up in a downward spiral.

My goal is to enjoy what is around me, I am stuck in my 3rd floor flat often due to my physical health and I watch the squirrels out of my window or the birds flying high on the thermals or even the patterns the rain makes on my window this just keeps me calm.

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