Rhiannan Rubin

About me…

My name is Rhiannan and I have two roles within Hampshire and IOW. I am the Head of Organisational Development for the Integrated Care Board, and Programme Delivery Manager for Growing Occupational Health across the Integrated Care System. No two days are the same for me; one minute I’ll be discussing how we support people through our Menopause Support Service, the next I’ll be discussing leadership development opportunities and team development programmes. I love the variety of my roles and working with people across different organisations.

What helps me relax and refocus

I think it’s really important to build in some time in the working week to reflect and refocus – this is where I have some of my best ideas and it allows me to step off the hamster wheel. This time can sometimes be viewed as a luxury but I believe it’s essential and should be expected.

My best health /wellbeing discovery is…

I’ve learned to recognise when things are becoming overwhelming for me… I become very insular, quiet and often have a headache. It’s taken me years to realise this but with the help of a previous manager I learned that these are my early warning signs. This is why I’ve built in time to reflect and refocus. If I become overwhelmed I’m forced to slow down and that’s the opposite of what I want and need. I love my job and want to be my best at all times.

In my own time, I practice yoga and love spending time outdoors. I’m good at shutting off at the end of a working day but completing a task at home – it helps me reset and stops me from peaking at emails in the evening! Another discovery for me is Ikigai (a Japanese concept – the reason why I get up in the morning). It really helped me to figure out what I’m most passionate about and this is turn has helped me direct my attention to the roles that I enjoy the most.

Health/wellbeing goals I’m working on

My goal is to continuing doing what I’m doing; I’ve found what really works for me and I’m hoping to use what I’ve learned to encourage others to discover what best works for them.

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