Staff Networks

Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust
Staff NetworkNetwork chairs/convenors
Black and Minority Ethnic NetworkVanessa Mason
Natacha Jonas
LGBT+ NetworkRachael Beedham
David Beacher
Disability NetworkPaula Searle
Beth Lyon
University Hospitals Southampton Foundation NHS Trust
Staff NetworkNetwork chairs/convenorsNetwork Email
LID – long term illness and disabilityVicky Forrest 
One Voice Biijal  
Proud AllianceEmily Pinto
Shaan O’shea 
Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust
Staff NetworkNetwork chairs/convenors
Disability NetworkTrevor Mose
Louise Bird
Race Equality NetworkPetra Che
Hildah Mapeta
LGBT+ and Allies NetworkTanya Ponsford
Matt Ng
Women’s NetworkKate Sandys
Dawn Banting
Southern Health NHS Trust
Staff NetworkNetwork chairs/convenors
Disability and AlliesSam Burges
Alia Gomez
Neurodiversity and AlliesBeth Ford
Stuart Harris
Race and AlliesSimon Whitehead
LGBT+ and AlliesSomali Clarke
Spirituality and AlliesAdrian Teare
Women and AlliesSophie Street
Elizabeth Kerridge-Weeks
Staff NetworkNetwork chairs/convenors
For any support or questions please contact Saricka March    
Facebook  /  twitter:@scaslgbt
National Ambulance LGBTQ+ website
Isle of Wight NHS Trust
Staff NetworkNetwork chairs/convenors
Disability and Long-Term Conditions NetworkNeil Fradgley
Claire Attwood
Race Equality NetworkSimba Moyo
Katrina Venier
LGBT+ NetworkCarlton Symonds
Michael Jones
Safe Space forFrequency
Safe Space/ Staff Network for Parents and CarersMonthly
Staff with neuro-divergent conditions (Autism, Asperger Syndrome, ADHD)Fortnightly on Thursday from 11.00am until 12 noon
Staff that have a long-term health condition, disability, or mental health conditionSafe Space ‘tea and a chat’ meeting – Times vary
Staff that support relatives with a disability or long-term health conditionSafe Space as part of Parent and Carer Staff Network meeting (monthly) 
Staff with childrenSafe Space as part of Parent and Carer Staff Network meeting (monthly)
Staff from ethnic minority backgroundsEvery two weeks on Thursday from 2.00pm until 3.00pm
Staff from Armed Forces families, Reservists and veteransEvery two weeks on Wednesdays from 10.00am until 11.00am
Staff living with Long COVIDEvery two weeks at 12.45pm until 1.45pm 
Safe Space for Neurodivergent staffEvery 2 weeks on a Thursday

To join any network or for more details, please email the inclusion team

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