Say Hello to EDNA

Say hello to EDNA’ sessions 

Come and learn about EDNA (Employee Disability and Neurodivergent Advice service) and how it can support you and your team. Each session will have a short section focusing on a different topic. 

Open to all NHS and Primary Care colleagues across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Follow the links below to register:

30th July – 13.30pm – Fostering Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
27 August – 13.30pm – Unleashing Support: Exploring Diverse Assistance Methods in the Workplace
24 September – 13.30pm – Embracing Diversity: Celebrating National Inclusion Week
29 October – 13.30pm – Reasonable adjustments: navigating open conversations as a manager and employee

‘Say hello to EDNA’ sessions 
You can watch recordings of these chats with our advisors and learn more about this service, which helps colleagues with disabilities, long-term conditions and/or neurodivergence get the support they need to thrive at work. If you have any questions you can contact us at 

Catch up on…

Understanding Tourette Syndrome: Raising Awareness of Neurodevelopmental Challenges
Challenges faced by people with disabilities and limited mobility
How to be a supportive manager
Reasonable adjustments
Long-term conditions
A Practical Introduction to Disability Equality
Hidden Disabilities

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