We have been working with research and consultancy organisation Affinity Health at Work to create mental health support resources for NHS staff across Hampshire and Isle of Wight. The resources are designed to act as guidance alongside your organisations’ policies.

The Return to Work toolkit provides guidance for supporting individuals and leaders with the return to work process following long term sick leave.

This is a holistic approach focusing on the Individual, Group, Leader, Organisation and Outside organisation’s (IGLOO) involvement in returning to work to ensure a smooth process and provide practical guidance for all staff involved.

Access this resource here: https://hiownhs.returntowork.co.uk

You will need to register using your name and NHS email address. The access code is: HIOW2024

Professor Jo Yarker from Affinity Health at Work has delivered three webinars and you can watch the recordings below to hear about these new resources:

PDF copies of the resources are available below.

Please email the HIOW Wellbeing inbox for the password.

IGLOO RTW Toolkit – Colleagues

IGLOO RTW Toolkit – Individuals

IGLOO RTW Toolkit – Leaders and Line Managers
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