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Shopwell helps users identify nutritional details in food products to fit their unique lifestyle.



Designed to develop cognitive skills such as communication and critical thinking.

Elevate – Brain Training and Brain Games (


Find it difficult to break bad habits? Most people do, but Habitbull sets out to break this trend. This mobile companion allows you to input and start tracking your bad habits.


My Fitness Pal

Want to eat more mindfully? Track meals, learn about your habits, and reach your goals with MyFitnessPal.


Wakeout! The Healthy Work App

Voted as iPhone’s App of the Year for 2020, Wakeout! helps its users to achieve mini exercises at a time that’s right for them — whether it’s on your lunch break or after your morning coffee.

Wakeout! The Healthy Work App on the App Store (

Down Dog

A meditation, yoga, HIIT, Barre and Prenatal yoga app. 

Down Dog | Great Yoga Anywhere (

Stay Alive

The Stay Alive app is a suicide prevention resource for the UK, packed full of useful information and tools to help you stay safe in crisis. You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may be considering suicide.

Stay Alive App – Grassroots Suicide Prevention (


Headspace was officially launched in 2010 as an events company, but attendees wanted to take what they learned home with them. Andy, Rich, and a small team decided to make Andy’s techniques available online so more people could experience the benefits of meditation anytime, anywhere. And that blossomed into the Headspace you see today: guided meditations, animations, articles and videos, all in the distinct Headspace style.

Headspace are offering free access to all NHS staff with an NHS email address until 31 December 2023.

NHS England » Headspace


Focus@Will is a neuroscience-based service that offers playlists of instrumental music meant to help increase productivity.

Scientifically optimized music to help you focus | Focus@Will (


Simplish is a to-do list app meant to help you organize your tasks, capture notes and observations, schedule events and tasks in a built-in calendar, as well as collaborate with coworkers on shared tasks.

Simplish – All-in-One Day Planner | Calendars, Tasks, and Chat

Krisp – Noise cancelling app

AI-powered app that removes background noise and echo from meetings leaving only human voice.

World’s #1 Noise Cancelling App | Krisp

myNoise ambient sounds

myNoise creates beautiful noises to mask the sounds you don’t want to hear : your chatty colleagues, tinnitus, or even your inner voice when you can’t shut it down! The concept is simple, works extremely well, and does not require noise-cancelling headphones. Thanks to its unique audio engineering, myNoise sets the standard among background audio tracks.

Background Noises • Ambient Sounds • Relaxing Music | myNoise ®

Be reminded to take breaks with Time Out

The Time Out app helps you to schedule thoughtful breaks. The theory is that if you know you will have breaks to check your social media or stretch your legs, you’ll be more likely to focus on your work in between.

Dejal – Time Out

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