“The Staff Physio Service has really helped me”

The new Staff Physio service enables colleagues to choose from 22 different treatment locations – and it’s making a positive difference.

Here we share some of the experiences colleagues have had using the service.

Ken’s story

Ken, Estates Project Manager at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, was having problems with his back.

“I referred to physio because I felt my back becoming increasingly tight and was having trouble bending. Approximately six years ago I had to have time off work due to my back locking up and I wanted to avoid that.

“Working at the hospital and then being able to just go across to the Physio appointment was really helpful. It meant I was able to be working until a short while before my appointment and could then go straight back to work.

“The physio was really helpful and took time to explain what was going on in my back. Doing the exercises I was taught has really helped – I was not sleeping well due to the back pain. I was previously taking pain killers at night just before going to bed to try to help me not get disturbed by back pain. But I still found after a few hours my back was painful. Now I am not taking any pain killers and am sleeping much better.              

“Being able to self refer to the Staff Physio Service meant I got treatment and this has really helped me. I would not have bothered going to the GP until it was much worse and then it is likely I would have had take time off work due to back pain. “The service really helped me. I am extremely grateful to the Staff Physio Service.”

Gemma’s story

“I referred to physio for ongoing pain in hip for several months which was getting progressively worse and I was having pain during walking,” says Gemma, a Senior Biomedical Scientist from Basingstoke Hospital.

“Location was extremely important as travelling to another location would mean the appointment would take significantly more time out of my work day.”         

“My treatment was brilliant! The physiotherapist listened to my concerns, did many techniques to confirm the diagnosis, gave clear instructions on my home treatment and when to follow up. I am now able to walk without pain and am starting to get back into exercise, so I hope to return to normal activity within another month or two.”             

“The service is excellent. The physiotherapist has been helpful and informative and listened to my concerns and explanations patiently and kindly. My home exercises are designed with my previous injury in mind and were adjusted accordingly. I have been able to make all my follow up appointments at times that suit my schedule.”

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