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Catch up on our recent sessions

We have added a number of our recent session recordings here on the People Portal so you can catch up at a time that works for you.

Choose from:

Stress Management Course 
If you missed the Stress Management Course, you can access the eight I/2-hour sessions here the People Portal.   You will learn about:

  • Stress and how it affects us
  • Understanding and managing workplace stress
  • Understanding specific NHS workplace stress
  • Specific tools and techniques for stress management
  • Changing your thinking patterns and managing worry
  • Managing your routine and improving work/life balance
  • Living better in line with your own personal values
  • Mindfulness and breathing techniques to manage stress

  Access here: Stress Management Course – People Portal (

Conversations on Burnout 
Delve into the different aspects of burnout with Hazel Anderson-Turner: How it presents and some tools and techniques for recognising and understanding what support you might need.  

In this series, Business Psychologist and Resilience Coach Hazel Anderson-Turner is joined in conversation by other coaches who specialise in different areas related to the prevention of burnout.  Topics cover include Compassionate Boundaries, Menopause Resilience and a Neurodivergent perspective.

Access here:  Burnout Session Recordings – People Portal (

Men’s Mental Health & Male Allyship with Lee Chambers  
You can catch up on this three-part series with British psychologist, entrepreneur and speaker, Lee Chambers.  
Lee shares his own mental health journey and talks about how to be an effective ally and better leader/partner/colleague.  

Access here: Lee Chambers’ three-part series – People Portal (

Menopause Awareness Sessions 
In these half-hour sessions, experts Menohealth talk about a range of menopause symptoms and how to manage them.  
A great resource to find out more about Menopause and perimenopause, whether you are experiencing symptoms yourself or supporting someone who is.  

Access here: Menohealth Session Recordings – People Portal (

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