EDNA is here to support you

If you’re an NHS or Primary Care colleague in Hampshire and Isle of Wight who has a disability, long-term condition, and/or is Neurodivergent, our EDNA advisors could help you get the support you need at work.   

Our overall aim is to support colleagues within the workplace for reasonable adjustments. Our focus is to improve the overall wellbeing of colleagues to enhance their working environment to ensure that their needs are met, remove any barriers, and overcome any challenges or difficulties that they might be experiencing.  

EDNA is a self-referral service. You do not need a medical referral or formal diagnosis to access our service.  

Through a specialist team, you’ll be offered a one-to-one consultation; a safe and confidential space to talk. Following this, you will receive a detailed letter outlining what has been discussed, which will include recommendations for reasonable adjustments.  

Learn more and self-refer here: https://www.hiowpeople.nhs.uk/EDNA/

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