Changes to the system-wide enhanced Employee Health and Wellbeing Programme from 1st May 2024

Following a review, there will be some changes to the system-wide enhanced Employee Health and Wellbeing Programme coming into effect from 1st May 2024. This message explains which changes will take place and who you can contact moving ahead. 

The system-wide EDNA one-to-one advice service remains unchanged. The Employee Disability and Neurodivergent Advice service (EDNA), which currently supports colleagues who have disabilities, long term conditions and/or are neurodivergent, will continue to provide support to colleagues. Referrals to the service will move to being online-only and the telephone option will cease.  To find out more about the service please visit the People Portal at: If you want to make a self-referral to EDNA please click this link: EDNA Self-Referral Form (

Menopause support will continue to be accessible through the People Portal, and one-to-one advice will in future be delivered by your relevant provider organisation.  The team will continue to promote and facilitate the twice-monthly menopause meetups and other system-wide menopause initiatives, and work collaboratively to support the system. This will not affect any menopause provision already delivered by individual trusts. Please contact your organisation’s health and wellbeing team to find out about the support which is available locally.

The system-wide staff physiotherapy service will continue to be accessed through the self-referral single point of access and the staff physio Community of Practice Forum will continue to take place monthly. To find out more about the service please visit the People Portal at

The People Portal will continue as the HIOW central platform for health and wellbeing access to support all HIOW colleagues. The team will continue to maintain and promote the People Portal as a valuable single point of access for health and wellbeing support. This is a very beneficial reference source available to all our system-wide colleagues.  You can find a wealth of support information here as well as a catalogue of recordings of previous system-wide support sessions delivered by the team, including burnout, menopause, sleep and manager support. You can access the People Portal at

Further support. Organisations will continue to offer Employee Assistance Programmes e.g. VIVUP and Health Assured, as well as access to health and wellbeing advisors. You can reach out to these colleagues and services within your organisations for any further support, advice or guidance.   We continue to work as a system to support the health and wellbeing of all our staff.

Thank you to everyone who has engaged with and supported our team. We continue to be fully committed to supporting our staff through our health and wellbeing services.  For further information please contact us through our health and wellbeing mailbox.

Katherine Morgan
Programme Manager
HIOW Health and Wellbeing Programme

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