Good Breaks Training

The NHS has made a clear commitment to safe and healthy work, both in the NHS People Plan and the People Promise. Good breaks help people to stay healthy and well at work. When staff are unable to rest and recover from the demands of their work, they are more likely to make mistakes, feel …

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Self Help for Neurodivergence

We have compiled some resources and articles we hope you will find helpful in learning more about neurodivergence.

Understanding Bowel Cancer webinar

This webinar was for HIOW ICB staff, to help raise awareness of bowel cancer. Presented by Paul – a Bowel Cancer UK volunteer, who has lived experience of Bowel cancer, this webinar was organised by Wessex Cancer Alliance and the HIOW ICB Race Equality workstream.

Menopause training

Menopause training and awareness from your Hampshire and Isle of Wight Health & Wellbeing team.

Lee Chambers’ three-part series

Hear from a leading voice in men’s health – the psychologist and wellbeing coach Lee Chambers. Webinar 1: Men’s Mental Wellbeing – recording available hereWebinar 2: Male Allyship and Inclusion – recording available here Webinar 3: Men and Menopause – recording available here

Leading and Working in Remote Teams

A positive supportive culture is crucial to staff happiness.  Positive culture motivates, inspires, attracts and retains, it is what enables the feeling of psychological safety to work collaboratively, reduce complexity, make decisions, take risks, be vulnerable, build on honest failure and celebrate successes. 

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